Glass types

6mm, 10mm and 19mm. 6mm is used for splashbacks, cupboard door panels and wall coverings. 10mm is typically used for shelving, shower and bath screening and shower cubicle doors. 19mm for worktops, windowsills and breakfast bars.


Sections of glass can be bonded on-site using ultra-violet activated adhesives to achieve dramatic architectural effects. Glass shelves can be added to vertical glass panels, for example, without the need for supporting brackets.


Fibre-optic, and/or LED strips can be located in strategic areas to illuminate and enhance the installed product. If lighting is required in splashbacks, allowances have to be made in solid surface materials to accommodate installation.

Precision Cutting

Glass can be cut with incredible precision, allowing sockets to be fitted to vertical sections and complex cut-outs to be achieved to accomodate any type of sanitary ware.


Maximum individual coloured panel size 3200 mm x 2000 mm. Accessibility is the main issue for the size of glass you have.